Friday, November 30, 2012

Back to Triathlon

Learning to listen to my body.  I used to be a slave to my training plan, especially when I was just running.  It stressed me out if I didnt hit my mileage, thinking when can I fit in a make up session around work and real life.

Somethings clicked, a lightbulb has come on.  I moved to Scotland, I ran a marathon and then probably the most important part I took a break!  Now I've only started running last summer, but the only break I took was the 5 months off when my body forced me to with a pelvic stress fracture.  I ignored it completely and it rebelled in a big way.

I did what I felt like doing, when I felt like doing it.  No schedule no stress, best part was I listened to my body and I felt good, and it let me know when it was ready to get back to work.

I started building up training again, nothing really strict, just a vague ideal that a base period would be coming and I needed to work up to it.

I think the best thing I've done with next season is giving myself time to train.  Not having crazy short timelines and frantically trying to get in enough training to perform.

* Ran first mile - 2 months later - ran first half marathon
* Decided to get into triathlon and bought a bike - 2.5 months later raced Ironman Buffalo Springs 70.3
* Thought how about I give marathon another try - 8 weeks later ran Loch Ness Marathon

It was a blast seeing what my body could pull off in these timelines, but it did cause some stress along the way.

Now I have loads of time and I feel relaxed, I can do a real base period, if I miss a workout its not the end of the world, I will actually have some previous training to back it up.  Consistency is going to be key, and that means staying injury free and fuelling my body properly.  The number one lesson I've learned is that the body is a phenomenal machine, it will tell you what it needs, when to back off, when to push and how to fuel.

I am so excited for this journey, become better aquatinted with myself, see what I can accomplish and learn a ton along the way.

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