Saturday, December 29, 2012

Meeting Macca in Barcelona!

Macca aka Chris McCormack is a pro triathlete and Ironman Champion, and has been a bit of an idol for me.  He has a habit of stirring things up, and a mental game that has put him at the top of the podium a few times.

When I first got into triathlon his book was the first I had read "I'm here to win" and his views on turning the competition in his favour by meticulous analysis and mind games was interesting; especially when these athletes are at such a peak fitness that every advantage is important.

Anyways I had been following him and he started a semi training group online that I became a part of when I was still planning on being self coached, and figured any advice from him, his advisors as well as other triathletes in the group would come in handy.  Well he mentioned in the group that he was going to be competing at the Half Challenge Barcelona Maresme, and wanted to meet with any members of the crew that would be out there.

Well the plan was to do a Half Ironman in May, and Challenge Barcelona was May 19th...hmm maybe?  It worked into the schedule perfectly, and who wouldn't want a trip to Spain!  I only had to convince the hubby that he wanted to go to spain too :p Which he did, but he's skeptical about how much fun a vacation can be while I am competing.  I cant blame him, any triathlete or runner knows the fun of taper madness and perhaps their spouses even more.  The one thing that will help is all of my racing this year is towards Ironman, and this would be a B race, so not the drama and nerves of my first one last year.

Plus I'll need to acclimate a little to help with the hot climate, and what better way than relaxing with my hubby feet in the water ass in the sand.

I'm so excited, and hoping he will have a better time at this race.  He can sit by the water with a beer in hand while I race, making it a perfect day for both of us :)  I'm lucky to have such a supportive husband and he didn't take much convincing, he knows Macca is a bit of an idol and this would be a cool opportunity.

This is going to be a phenomenal race, I get to meet an idol, visit Spain for the first time, give this distance another shot and see what I can do with some real training and recover with a beer on the beach.  Love it!

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