Monday, May 27, 2013

Fired up!

So Barcelona didn't quite go to plan.  I was so excited to get out there and do a half with some consistent training, especially since my run is in a place I've only dreamed of and I'm loving my time on the bike.  I thought it was a given that I would crush my PB even with the extreme bike course and ocean swim, but that didn't quite happen.  

Well that just got me fired up.  

Brush it off and I just want to go out there and nail every training session, I'm back to just craving every bike run and swim (well maybe not the swim but ill get it done) Unfortunately I picked up a bit of a cold on plane ride home that has had my HR high the last few days, but I slept like 10 hours last night and woke up feeling good.  So I'm ready to push, hungry for some solid hard work.

On the bright side I learned a lot from this:

1) Don't do something new on race day (duh, I know) I'm always so worried about riding aero on training rides, well maybe (just maybe) I should race that way then - rode a recovery ride today all upright and my lower back was aching, it's usually the opposite for people!  I have never had so much as an ache in my back, but learned a weakness before Ironman - I could stumble through a half looking like a hunch back, a marathon is a whole other beast.

2) Get out and swim in the damned open water - 2nd open water swim, 2nd near panic attack where I can't put my head in the water the first few 100m.  Huh doesn't take a genius to see that pattern. It doesn't matter what I can swim in the pool if I loose 10 minutes just freaking out.  

3) I can eat a hell of a lot on the bike and feel good.

4) Transition is not the time to rest, just because everyone is is taking their damned time and doing their hair doesn't mean I should too.  I've never done transition well outside of Duathlon, and there is no good reason for it, just need to get my head in the right place and ass moving!

5) Post race beers are the best beers, and hot sauce is terrible on fries. 

So I signed up for another 70.3, it won't be a priority like this race I just want to get together and put together a good day for Ironman. I'm starting to learn that experience is a valuable asset that I dont have much of, this was triathlon #4 (2 sprint 2 70.3).  

Even writing this, all I can think about is my run tomorrow, I cant wait to get out there!

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  1. Looks like you learnt a lot out there bella. You are doing well considering you have only done 4 tris. I have been doing them since 2007 and only this weekend do I race my first half, so hats to you.
    I agree, get some more racing in so you can practice situations, such transition, hence sprints and olys are good for this. Good training races. Definitely get in the open water more. I know its cold out there but the more you do it the easier it gets. Look forward to the progress. x