Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Directions - Moving to a new Country!

Life as always is going at a million miles per hour, at this point just trying to hang on for the ride!

As I'm typing this my house is being taken over by boxes, we are officially leaving Scotland!  It was such a short stay here, we have been here a year and 10 days.  It was very cool living overseas, exploring such a beautiful country with such a colourful history.  As well as having the opportunity to race around Europe, and sample European beers :)

I've been fortunate to travel a ton here, and have raced in Scotland, England, Spain, Sweden & Canada this year.

I am moving to..... *DRUMROLL* Denver, Colorado, USA!!

I cant express how excited I am for this move, it came along at the perfect time and is the right location.
Sea of Boxes!

Couple of major benefits:

1) Direct flight home to Calgary.  Visiting family once a year, having to travel almost a full day to get there makes it very tough.  Technology is an fantastic tool to stay in touch but not as good as quality time in person.
2) Close to Boulder ;)  With my recent triathlon obsession what better place to be living and training than at elevation with world champions training just a few miles away?
3) Mountains & Sunshine.  I love you Scotland, but seasons of Rain, colder rain, warmer rain, greyish fog I wont miss so much.  I've missed playing in the Rocky mountains (although the Canadian side before) and cant wait to explore them in a new way with running and biking.
4) Staying in one place!!! The plan is to stay in Denver for a number of years, instead of moving every 1-2 years like we have been doing.  4 moves in 4 years from Calgary, AB -> Grande Prairie, AB -> Texas -> Scotland I'm ready to buy a house and settle down for a while.

So I'm thrilled, and sad at the same time.  Its going to be a few months of chaos from heading to Canada to get work permits, to heading down to Denver living in temporary housing until we find a house to buy down there and start to normalise again.

Since triathlon is such a logistically easy sport to manage and train for (not!)....I decided to sign up for one last race a 70.3.  I was a little disappointed with the mechanical at Ironman and want to have one last hit out for the season.  More details to come in the next blog, but I'll be training and racing with Chris "Macca" McCormack

Tomorrow I'll update on my next race and attempt to train at altitude!  Until then some pictures of Scotland.

The view from my doorstep, I'm going to miss waking up to this!

The sea side, I loved living near the water, even if it was so cold I couldn't feel my fingers and toes after a few minutes

Downtown Aberdeen

Castles, real live castles everywhere!

Trail from my doorstep

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