Monday, January 13, 2014

2013 Racing around the world & meeting Legends

2013 everything changed.

I started the year with dreams of going under 6 hours in a 70.3, and hoping to finish my first Ironman secretly wanting to get under 13 hours.  I was excited to travel to Sweden, getting the chance to visit a new country, that would make it 4 countries I had ever been to.

I had no idea what an adventure triathlon had in store for me.  I started the year solidly in the middle of the pack, now I have dreams of much more. I'm a year and a half into this sport and I love the competition, the suffering, and the amazing people I've met along the way.

The Highlights:

Moved from "sunny" Scotland, to Denver, Colorado.
PR by 1:10:00 in a 70.3
Completed my first Ironman in 10:56
Raced in 6 countries (Spain, UK, Canada, USA, Nevis St. Kitts, Sweden)
Meeting my coach the one and only Lucho in person!
Coffee with Mark Allen
Spreecast with Dr. Maffetone
Shots with Lothar Leder (first person to go under 8 hours in 140.6)
Training, advice and racing with Chris "Macca" McCormack
Podiums at 6 of the 8 races I completed

I was so fortunate to get the opportunity to travel, meet some of my idols, and learn from legends of this sport.  I made some amazing virtual friends that I got the chance to meet in person and I discovered that I didn't suck at triathlon.

Craziest week

Definitely in August.  It went like this - Travel to Sweden (car/plane/train/van), do my first Ironman - Kalmar, travel back to Scotland, get a tattoo in the 24 hours I am home, get back on a plane this time to Canada, do the marathon as part of the MaccaX relay team 7 days after Ironman.

Most unforgettable race

Half Challenge Barcelona ETU championships.  Met Macca for the first time, 5700m of climbing on the most stunning/terrifying bike course I've done, had my back seize up so I fell on my face in front of the crowds 1.5km into the run (blood makes your race pics look hard core :p), meeting team mates and a wicked after party with hot sauce and arm wresting!  The last time my finishing time started with a 6.

Best sounding accomplishment with major *asterisks*

I ran the same marathon time as Lothar Leder at Challenge Penticton  ***although I was in the relay and didn't have to do the swim/bike, and he was injured**** ...sounds much more impressive when I don't mention those parts
Lothar Leder
Worst Hang Over

Miami Man, partying with the crew, then up at 6 am for a bike ride & open water mass start practice, yuck.  I only seem to drink around triathletes, certain people are a terrible influence.  Threw it in the Big Chain Ring a few times this year, train hard/play hard.

Random Motivation moment

2000 athletes on the course at Ironman Kalmar, none of whom I have met, and someone goes by on the bike in the crosswinds yelling out my name and saying lets go!  Turns out he was part the MaccaX team and the motivation could not have come at a better time, got my ass in gear.

Thanks for the motivation Andil

Toughest Mental Challenge

The finishing shoot of Ironman Kalmar, I had spent 7 miles with my QL seized and leaning to the side, I kept falling over into the crowd because I couldnt stand upright.  That was the longest mile, but it was worth it to cross the line.

Most fun Race:

Challenge Penticton - a week after Ironman no expectations running the marathon, joined a band of drummers on the course, danced with a group of people in blue leotards, clapped and cheered for aid station workers and volunteers, high five'd everyone, danced/ran through aid stations with some good tunes.  Drinking with Lothar Leder and Macca afterwards hearing stories of sleeping on river banks with bike boxes putting everything on the line to become the best topped it off.

Worst Sunburn

MaccaX Triathlon in Nevis St. Kitts down in the Caribbean...I was so good not getting sunburned with about 10 gallons of sunscreen, second last day burned my ass, literally, flight home wasn't so much fun!

Best Triathlon Investment

My coach, Lucho.  There are so many toys and gadgets in the sport that talk about free speed but having the engine to take advantage of that speed is imperative.  He pushed me to a level I couldn't have imagined, brought me from middle of the pack to front of the field.  I just have to look back on the workouts he gave me where I though there is no way I can do that, to know I would not have pushed myself to the same level on my own.  He kept me injury free, but pushed me beyond my comfort zone, I think at times surprising both of us.


I could not have done this on my own, my husband has supported/sponsored/motivated me in this journey.  I have a phenomenal online team that has given me so much support, a few laughs and WTF moments, and have been given advice from the best in the world.

So 2014, its an open book.  I cant wait to see where it brings me.


Swim - 386696 yds
Bike - 4889 miles
Run - 1437 miles

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