Tuesday, June 19, 2012

3 weeks is long enough to train for a Half Ironman as your first race....right?

What an experience so far.  I wanted to keep this more updated with my training and experiences, but I got to a point where my focus was exclusively training and trying to cram in all the information I could about race execution.

This timeframe is ridiculous, I am 5 days away from my first triathlon.

I've had a bicycle for just under 2months

I've been swimming for 2 months (actually focusing on swimming the last month)

Its only been 3.5 months since I could run my first mile after recovering from 5 months off due to a stress fracture.

Before the stress fracture I only had 3 months of running experience (before that couldn't run a mile)

To top if off I've had only 3 weeks total of Ironman 70.3 specific training...before that my focus was a sprint. 

This is either going to be an amazing first triathlon...or a fight just to finish.

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