Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Taper Rules

So its taper time... as when I started this I have so much on my mind and now I have time to write about it and have no idea where to start. 

How about the rules I was given during taper:
  • Don't try to gain more fitness, anything I do now wont help race day and could potentially hurt me.
  • Trying to find that balance is definitely challenging!
  • But thats one thing I'm so good at!  Feeling some new achilles and foot pain...so much for that point.
  • Run taper is going to be pretty drastic this week, hopefully it goes away
  • I have to say I got very used to eating 2200-3000 calories a day...I'm hungry, but still eating about twice what the average woman eats.  For formerly being overweight its crazy to look at the amount I ate in training while still loosing body fat.  It took me some time to get there just that mental block of wanting to get lean which usually means restricting calories, but I truly saw some amazing changes when my body is properly fueled.  Plus with all the training it would have been impossible for it to have negative effects on my waistline.
You know what though, with all the uncertainty of my first triathlon, the ridiculously short training period, and some of the what the hell were you thinking feedback I've recieved...I have never felt so prepared for a race.

I gave this training, 110% I was excited for every workout, and now when I think about race day I feel a calm confidence, and get this crazy smile on my face.  Which is a huge contrast to every other race I've done, my half marathon I was a flurry of nerves and excitement for two weeks leading up, I've had 5k's I've felt more nervous about!  Its 5 days out, maybe the nerves are still to come, but I am enjoying the calm right now. 

Here is a picture I saw inspired by Macca:

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