Friday, February 1, 2013

Focus...Focus...ooh whats this do?

Race this weekend and I'm thinking about....getting back to my regular training :p

I'm not always the most focussed person, I can be a little all over the place just wanting to try new things and get very excited and passionate about several things in a week...for about a week... For example, a few years ago I had a day job, typical corporate environment as a Project Manager.  It was a challenging fast paced job, paid extremely well and I enjoyed it; that seemingly should have kept me occupied.

However I was curious, what else is out there? In the span of 2 years while keeping my day job I also worked as a Motorcycle instructor, Black Jack Dealer, Concrete finisher, got my personal training certification and even dabbled in Car Electronics, while racing motorcycles on the weekend.  Money was never the objective, I would even say I was overpaid as a Project Manager, I just wanted to try new things.  They sounded like interesting jobs, and they were, not to mention the people I met along the way.

Then came running and even more so triathlon.  I got hooked and it was this lazer intensity focus on the goal at hand...well kind of.  I think triathlon works so well for me because there is a goal to work towards, but along the way there is so much to keep me interested.  From the physiology just learning how my body responds to training stress, listening to other peoples stories and experience, and so much information and theory that is ever evolving.

Then there is the racing, that entry into the "Pain Cave" where you can push yourself to the limits and have something to show for it at the end of the day, whether its a podium, or just the satisfaction of knowing that you pushed your body to a new level.  Even if you spectacularly explode in a race, you learn something new and its time well spent.

Within triathlon, I still have that all over the place feeling.  Its race day this Sunday, and I need to focus on the race.  Race 3 in the Duathlon series, 30 seconds behind the leader, need to win by that much to take the Overall female win.  It would be pretty damned cool to take the win when the first race in the series was my first Duathlon.  And get this, there is a cash prize!!  I've never won money doing this multisport gig, and sure it will probably just be enough to pay for my gas, but if I can break even on a race, thats a huge win for me!

At this point though....I can't wait to get back to training...I'm already looking forward to getting back to just training and seeing what the next few weeks have in store.  I have seen so much improvement over the last few weeks, my swim had a breakthrough, I almost want to do another torture test (aka Power Threshold test) on the bike because watts that put me in the high end of Zone 2 now are easy and I dont get above a Zone 1 HR.  Race 1 to Race 2 in the series, I was 10 watts higher and a mile an hour faster, and it felt easy (well race easy) instead of a dark place of suffering to finish like the first race!

Oh yea...focus...race this weekend.  Go kick some ass, and then I can go back to the training I love.

Carpe Diem

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