Saturday, January 19, 2013

Feels so good it should be illegal

You feel a little you shouldn't be doing it in the middle of the day but oh man does it feel so right, so good when you give in to the urge....

Its exactly what you're thinking, yesterday, I indulged in a nap!  Yeesh people get your minds out of the gutter.

I'm not a nappist, nappier, nappologist, nappitist, I dont nap.  The thought of laying quietly in the middle of the day with no form of entertainment is not my idea of a good time.  I have a hard enough time sitting still.

So I modified it a bit for Maximum Napping Results.  I'm a triathlete, why do just one thing when you can do two?

Friday mornings are usually an early masters swim class, weight training and then a base bike ride.  Unfortunately I had gotten out of the habit of waking up early for this over the Christmas season.  It was my first 5:30 am wake up call of the year and I wasn't loving it.  However swimming with a group again was great, it goes by so much faster when you have someone tickling your toes from behind.

I got back from the gym craving a big cup of coffee, which is unusual for me.  The swim makes me a bit tired, but usually the lifting at the gym afterwards pumps me back up, not today.  Eyes felt heavy after breakfast and it was then I started contemplating the unthinkable...maybe a nap would help?  I'm fortunate enough to have that option at this point to take a nap in the middle of the day, but I've never been able to fall asleep mid day.  It doesn't seem to matter how little sleep the night before, or how tired I am I just cant get my damned head to shut up long enough doze off.  Oddly enough though at night when my head hits that pillow I am out faster than I can transition.

Ok cuddle up on the couch, toss, turn, start thinking about race tactics, crap no think sleep, hmm go to sleep, go to sleep, I wonder what the bike workout is today, crap, sleeeeep, could I podium at the standard duathlon...

OK this isn't working. Time to do it the triathlete way for Maximum Napping Results.  Multitask!  Which I'll admit doesn't usually coincide with napping, but what the hell this isn't working.

I have an audio series of triathlon mind set and visualisation.  I'm a big believer in the mental side of the sport being something you have to practise and visualise to set yourself up for success.  So queue up the audio, close my eyes and relax through mental run throughs of racing...I was already thinking about it when I close my eyes anyways.

It worked, I actually dozed off and got about a half hour of semi-sleep.  What a result, I woke up so primed and just itching to get on my bike.  I got on and the power just felt easy, a few 1 min intervals in there, and my legs just wanted to keep pumping out Watts I had to restrain myself.  Even after the ride I just felt 110% the rest of the day.

This may have to be part of my routine a little more often, at least while I can.  So stop reading this, go take a Max Nap, not a sissy one where you just go sleep, take a triathlete nap!

Carpe Diem

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