Saturday, May 19, 2012

The swim...what the hell are my legs doing back there?

Friday was a swim workout.  I've been struggling. A month and a half ago I couldnt make it 500 yards without stopping.  That worried me with a sprint in my sights.  What makes me think I can make it the 1.2 miles? Well there is no other choice, so I better make it.

I've been doing drills, trying to work on a perfect form that changes wildly depending on who you ask.  I feel like I'm doing one thing, when I'm actually doing something completely different.  I can't make it 100 yards the speed that most people are doing the 1.2 mile swim.  Its frustrating because I dont know what I'm doing wrong so I dont know what to correct.

But like I said, since signing up for Ironman Buffalo Spring Lake 70.3 I have felt unstoppable.  On the schedule was 300 WU, 5* 400.  Seriously?  Last week I almost drown trying to do a 500 and 2*200's. 

I've got this drive now that I didnt have last week.  I started out, the first one felt hard, the second one I started thinking about the start in open water, I started to get a little panicked, heart rate shot up form went to crap.  The thought of giving in early was tugging at my mind, I was all alone at the pool and I'm still not comfortable in the water.

The only way I will survive it though is if I put in the work now.  So what the hell am I doing thinking about quitting early?  Do I want my arms burning and heart pounding here in the pool where the edge is yards away, or when I'm in the middle of a lake with people kicking all around me. 

With that I proceeded to have the best swim workout yet.  I felt every muscle move with every stroke, I felt strong, I felt smooth.  Its the first time I really thought I could survive the swim, and it was done in well under an hour.  I still have no idea what my legs are doing back there half the time, but things are changing, my body is adapting.

There is going to be a lot of competition on the field, not to mention the field itself, so I have to be on my game if I have any chance.  Every workout is key, so I'm going to treat it that way.  5 weeks tomorrow.

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