Friday, May 18, 2012

Welcome to my blog!  I'm new to blogging, new to triathlon, just bubbling over with inexperience and enthusiasm.

A bit about me: I'm a former seriously unathletic, overweight and uncoordinated person, turned running obsessed wanna be triathlete. This first one is a bit of my life story, triathlon training, thoughts and many many questions will be in posts to follow.

I was overweight working an office job, when I finally saw some unsightly strech marks and decided something had to change!  I had always been competitive in nature...I just wasnt very good at competing... I tried sports in school, badminton, wrestling, but never won.  I had drive and determination, just no skill or coordination.  So I joined the marching band... Anyways, my clothing size was increasing, but it was the dreaded stretch marks where I had enough.  I went to the gym near my office that day, and guess what, they had a competition to get into shape!  1st prize was a trip to Vegas, so my competitive nature took over.  2 months I lost 30lbs through cleaning up my diet and weight training with a personal trainer (no starvation diets here, I like food too much).  This put me in a healthy weight range, unfortunately I got second overall in the province...(oh yea I'm Canadian, Alberta grown, eh!).  My weight was up and down for a few years, periods of lots of beer and pool, and then back to the gym. 

Things changed from being in ok shape to great shape when I moved to Texas (work in oilfield services...suprise).  Alberta is the Texas of Canada so it wasn't a huge culture shock, with the benefit of the weather!  I had some time before my work authorization came through, so I got started with P90X, followed by Insanity.  I found if I kept myself interested I would stay in shape instead of the yo-yo working out and weight I had before.  So I was hungry for a new challenge.  Now for the record, I HATED running, I avoided it at all costs, my husband used to run in the mornings and I thought he was insane.  However I was looking for a new challenge, and I must have seen an ad for a marathon or something, but I decided I was going to do a half marathon. 

Seems like a great idea right?  I tend to be a little all over the place, and need to be kept entertained.  Sitting quietly is a nightmare for me.  I will read a book, while listening to music, while cooking dinner and stretching.  So the idea of running around in circles for hours had zero appeal for me, not to mention I could not run a mile without stopping to save my life!

Well I figured I better work on that and joined a running club.  I have to say its doubtful I would be here if it werent for that amazing group of people.  The first time I ran 3 miles (or 1 mile) without stopping was chatting with people on the club run.  Their enthusiasm got me excited, well that and the fact that it turns out there are RACES!  Queue competitive juices.  I ran my first 5k a few weeks later, ended up winning 1st female overall and I was hooked.  I ended up running a half marathon 2.5 months later and got 3rd female overall and decided marathon here I come!

(First 5K right before finish..I must have had more to give I'm still smiling)

So last year I went from not able to run a mile, to training 65 miles a week for a 3 months...which resulted in a pelvic stress fracture. 5 months later I was able to start doing low impact work biking (on a stationary) and swimming-ish (never had swim lessons so I'm going to call it swimming but experts may disagree)...well that got me thinking triathlon. Now I'm able to run again, finally got a bicycle, and can make it across the pool without drowning. Triathlon is my new obsession, and I've got an Ironman 70.3 in my sights. Should be interesting!

Before and Afters...before kept me motivated!

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