Saturday, July 20, 2013

Macca in London & Guinness in Ireland

I feel like I've been living the jet set lifestyle lately, getting to know the UK while I am here and touring around.  I didn't take the time to explore the USA when I was living there and didn't want to make that same mistake this time so any chance to travel I'm in!

First stop London

This city just holds a sense of wonder for me.  So much to see and experience, the people, the pubs, the history and excitement! It seems like there is always something to do and so many people everywhere.  Its been almost 5 years since I've lived in a big city and I forget the feel of that energy.

It was a weekend of triathlon, running, exploring and sunburns.  

I got a chance to hook up with some more members of the online triathlon group I'm a part of and catch up with the man himself Chris "Macca" McCormack.  Love how this group brings together people from all over the world with different backgrounds and motivations.  I've been chatting with them online and it was fantastic to put faces to avatars and to meet a group for the first time feeling like long time friends.  A few beers, steaks and yummy desserts topped off the good conversation that was the highlight of the evening.

A late night turned into an early morning with little sleep between, and a long run with some threshold work.  This should be interesting.  I was definitely not feeling the motivation but had to get my ass out of bed to meet up with Macca and Scott (his manager) for coffee in the morning.  Who knows how long I would have procrastinated without that motivation :p  In London my preferred method of travel is running and walking, since I had to run after anyways they had the pleasure of my sweaty self showing up for coffee.

Hit of caffeine and some tri talk and I was ready to head over to Hyde Park for my long run.  It was a scorcher out there, I loved it until about 10 miles in.  Its been so rainy and cool in Scotland I was happy to be out in the sunshine.  The morning heated up quickly and the run pace decreased, I was hitting lactic threshold HR, but my pace wasn't changing much because the heat was getting to me.  I ended up having to cut it a mile short, I hit the wall, I needed water bad and even though I had already downed 3 water bottles the 30 degree heat was getting to me.  I ran past a stand with water…stopped…turned around and downed 2 bottles, that was the end of my run.

Spent the afternoon sun tanning in Hyde park and enjoying some of the concert that was going on.  And by suntanning of course I mean burning with my Red head skin.  

On to Ireland

I haven't had a break in a while outside of a few days after Cotswold and Barcelona, and Ireland was a great excuse for it.  My mother in law is down visiting and both her family and mine are from Ireland so it was a must do trip.  We decided to pack up the car and drive over to the Ferry and take it across.  We stopped on the way and explored Stirling Castle while still in Scotland, hopped on the Ferry, where I enjoyed most of the trip getting a much needed massage…its a hard life.

Now usually during trips, like London, I try to get my training in.  Not this time, it was a total rest.  I ran less than an hour total the whole 4 days I was gone.  I don't think I've done that little since I signed up for Ironman last year!  It was a great mental and physical break so I was ready to make the final push 5 weeks out from Ironman.

Ireland was a whorl wind, I got to meet up with another member of the trip club that I had met in Barcelona and it was a much more reserved meet up than the Beer fuelled post party in Callela, but a great time.  Unfortunately we had to get down to Dublin or else I'm sure it would have been a party :p  Just starting to realise I only really drink while around other triathletes….

(With the Legend)

Next stop was Dublin where my dads family is from, unfortunately it was a quick trip for me but got to hit up St. Patricks Cathedral and the Guinness Factory.  That Guinness factory was something else, I'm officially certified in the art of the perfect pour, and enjoyed the taste testing :p  

 (Certified in the perfect pour)

(Taste test my favorite part)

During this trip I gorged myself on Guinness, Full Irish Breakfasts (yum), Steak and Kidney Pies and Fish and Chips.  It was awesome!  Back to eating healthy again this week and I actually wanted vegetables after the excess of the vacation (I don't think I ate anything green while I was gone).  

(Full Irish)

(My 1 of 2 runs a whole 20 min in Belfast)

Anyways back into training, Ironman is less than a month away.  I thought I would feel great after the break but its taken some time to get back into it.  Just feeling a bit sluggish, and uncoordinated.  I had a lot less energy than usual when I wasn't training.  Its like my body is either 110% on, or off…completely.  So I'll keep cruising along until its time to taper.

Carpe Diem

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  1. Amazing! I would be star-struck if I met Macca. Good for you for getting your long runs done in this heat!! Good luck on the IM!