Friday, January 4, 2013

Pictures of Running in Scotland

Running in Scotland has been a treat.  My running career started last year in Texas, and as much as it had its own subtle beauty, Scotland takes the cake.  Instead of chasing tumbleweeds, with pump-jacks in the background, I'm now surrounded by trees, with the Sea as my entertainment.  I do miss the heat of Texas, running on a sunny day.  This pasty red head got her first sun tan there (many sunburns along the way) and relished the wide open roads.

So just a few pictures of my run yesterday....after some excessive unnecessary use of photo editing.

The view from my front doorstep as I take off.  I have no excuse to not do any open water training with this as my front yard...maybe when it warms up a bit :p

To get to the road I have a 20% incline dirt trail with beautiful views of the river.  Again no excuses not to do hill training, when I have to walk up this to start my run.

Aberdeen is known as the Granite city, it has some beautiful architecture, and so much history.

I've always lived in the middle of north america, from Alberta to Texas, so seeing the Sea is such a novelty.
Ok this wasn't on my run, but there is a castle trail just outside of town.  I mean seriously, CASTLES!!

Ice bath anyone?

One downside, with the itty bitty roads here it takes a while to get outside of town.  Once you do the roads are so small two cars can barely pass each other going the opposite way and the speed limit is 60mph....slightly terrifying.  So a lot of time has been spend on my trainer, which I've grown to surprisingly not mind.  I don't have to worry about traffic or stopping, just zone out to music and feel the pedals.  I'm sure I will get more used to the roads and get out there...but for now the trainer it is.

I love having new roads to explore, especially in a place as beautiful as Scotland.

Carpe Diem.

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