Friday, January 4, 2013

Stats for the Year

Last year was huge.  2011 introduced me to running, from swearing I would never be a runner to an addiction followed by injury.  2012 was a year of healing, learning to listen to my body, a new obsession of Triathlon and a whole lot more balance.

Outside of training moved from Midland Texas working as a Market Analyst, to Aberdeen Scotland and soon to be a personal trainer.

Months of Training: 10 (2 off from a stress fracture that happened end of 2011)

Hours of Training: 590

Miles Run 1280.4
2011: 411 miles

Miles Biked 3141
2011: 69 miles

Miles Swimming: 112.6
2011: Depends on how far it was from my lounger to the pool bar in Mexico....

Raced 5k, 10k, Marathon, Duathlon and Half Ironman.  A slight increase in training and a sharp decrease in injury :p

I cant wait to see what happens in 2013.  Priority number one is staying injury free, I can't afford another 5 month hiatus from training for a silly injury.

Race Schedule:

January 6 - Monikie Duathlon race 2

February 3 - Monikie Duathlon race 3

April 21 - Forrest Hill Olympic Distance triathlon 

May 19 - Challenge Barcelona Half Iron Distance 

July 7 - St Andrews Olympic Triathlon


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